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He seems to pay more attention to the interests of oil lobbyists than to the interests of his kids. The kids (and grandkids) would be better off doing drugs than having their father (and grandfather) doing global warming.

Odds are that the family will die out from causes related to AGW. Similar odds for tRump’s kith and kin. He may not believe this, but “Mother Nature’ does not care what he thinks or believes.

The behavior of CO2 is consistent and has been measured many times. In analytical chemistry class, we had to measure it 20 times a day, as did the class before us and the class after us. Thousands of EPA employees took similar chemistry courses. Even the folks that only took organic chemistry had to frequently calibrate infrared spectrophotometers, which involves measuring the interaction between CO2 and light. And, the interaction between CO2 and light is the basis of human caused global warming.

Pruitt is wrong. Agency rulings that go against demonstrated science can be overturned in court. Pruitt will be overturned, again and again. For tRump getting overturned is a loss, and POTUS does not like losses. One way or another, Pruitt is a “Short-timer”.

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