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There is no “Climate Science” separate from science, and organic chemistry in particular. Climate science comes from the same chemistry used to make gasoline, synthetic fibers, paint, insecticides, plastics, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. Physical chemistry includes the study of how materials interact with energy in general, and light in particular. Physical chemistry is part of building cell phones and understanding climate science. Both, include a fair bit of math, such as finite element analysis, and odd stuff such as thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. Building things like cell phones involves understanding science and using the science to make things. Understanding climate involves using the same science and math to understand a process. The science and math remain the same.

The Gray Lady is a hypocrite. Without science, they would not have ink, paper, the internet or computers. If they accept the ink, then they should accept the science, which includes climate science. If Bret Stephens is going to write for the NYT, he should be limited to writing (while wearing hand spun/ hand woven clothing) in Carolinian miniscule on real calf skin velum using a real goose quill and ink made from oak gals. His missives should be carried by horse and rider to individual subscribers. If he wants to use modern ink, modern paper, modern computers, and modern printing presses, then he should accept the science that makes modern things possible. The Gray Lady has stopped thinking. And, she is hiring staff that does not think.

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