America May Have Just Saved America

The great Karl Malden. Watch the whole thing!

If everyone’s current jubilation is correct, if the revelations of the last 48-hours really do mean Trump is finished, then history will show that the Union was saved by a very American crowd, indeed.

I’m reminded of the old story Sorkin used in an early episode of the West Wing (linked above). For many of us this year has been one filled with despair — what has happened to our country?

Yet, when we reflect in the years to come on the times when Trump was most wounded, it wasn’t by other politicians or by the media.

First it was by a family of Pakistani immigrants, the Khans, who challenged him with the memory of their son who died in Iraq.

Then it was a Venezuelan beauty queen, Alicia Machado, who’d recently become a citizen just to vote against him.

Next was a retired accountant, Jack Mitnick, who went on the record with the Times about Trump’s $916million loss, explained the weird font, and declared “This is legit!”

And most recently, it was an anonymous member of IATSE, a professional audio technician who made sure Trump was properly wired and who preserved the audio from the bus.

The next time you’re despairing for the future of our country, remember: our country produced a Muslim war hero, a Latina beauty queen, a Jewish accountant, and a Union member to save us from fascism. What could be more American than that?

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