If I did that, I would be wrong.
Nexist Xenda'ths

Yeah, yeah. Got it. You’re going to argue she’s a radical statist. Look, this is actually a pretty interesting question but you don’t need to be so weirdly hostile about it. We could have a discussion.

Here’s Mussolini’s manifesto, which anyone interested in this topic should read. I read much more Trump than Clinton in it — in part because core to Mussolini’s system was being “out and proud” about being a fascist. The best you could argue is that Clinton is a crypto-fascist, but even then you’d have a hard time lining up her positions about families and individuals achieving their potential with fascism:


Trump’s nostalgia for a great American past and his promise to make that pure America rise again, his focus on himself as the strongman who will get the people there, his utter lack of interest in policy affecting people… he is, in my view, the spitting image of a Mussolini fascist.

I get that you disagree.

UPDATE: Here’s a great example: