Don’t Take it for Granted

After a week stuck at home sick, my wife thought it might be a good idea to take the kids out for a drive. The prospect of getting out of the house and going anywhere sounded great to me! We loaded up the girls, hopped in the van, and hit the road! I asked my wife where she would like to go, and she wanted to run by a new park that has just opened in our community.

As we drive around Newburgh, the town we live in, I thought it might be fun driving by some neighborhoods I like to show the family some nice homes! We also drove past several subdivisions that were expanding, or brand new developments altogether. As we looked around, I started to realize there’s a lot of information on our local market that I take for granted, which I didn’t realize my own wife didn’t even know!

This was an eye opener! Taking the knowledge that we have for granted is something that I’m sure several other people do, as well. As a business owner, complacency is something that should be avoided at all costs! How many opportunities have I missed by failing to take the next step because I assumed the client already knew information that I had?

This moment helped me to realize why Gary Vaynerchuk speaks to documenting over creating all the time! Not only does it make content development a simpler process by reporting on what you’re doing, but the tasks you take for granted could be extremely interesting to someone else.

I tell my clients all the time that I will explain the process to them as if they have no clue what’s in store. Thoroughly educating them on everything that will happen ensures two things: 1.) They no exactly what to expect 2.) They feel more confident in the process. Why not provide this information to the market as a whole? Valuable content that is practical and useful can definitely come from realizing the things I take for granted could be a game changer for someone else.