A Note For the White Kind

Police Your Kind.

The truth is in guys. We are the assholes of the world. This isn’t a color problem, this is a white problem. It’s time we start dealing with this issue from the inside out.

I know it’s difficult accepting that your hard work has been greased by the privilege of institutionalize racism, but we can no longer deny how our privilege affects our world. Of course white’s aren’t the only assholes in history to try to control people, but, we have been the biggest.

We didn’t seek it out, but it’s here. Our privilege can no longer be our blind spot. We must collectively take accountability. We are living in a system that benefits certin kinds of people. This is unkind to humanity.

To have benefited does not make you a racist, but, continuing to benefit from a system that uses racism, without attempting to fix it, makes you complicit. And part of the problem.

And you might as well be, an unkind racist asshole-at least then, you could be held accountable for your ideology.

You may not be a trump supporter, you may not have a prejudice thought in your body. Heck, you may be a well to do person, with tons of close minority relationships, you may be a minority, feed homeless people, donate to charity, do all the things you can to help those in need. Thank you for those small acts, they are needed.

And, now it’s time for a big ax.

This isn’t about our color or theirs, it’s an institutional war against humanity. Helping those afflicted by the various types of discrimination, that perpetrate our/your privilege, is disingenuous, ineffective, and unkind. That kind of help doesn’t fix an institution.

This institution benefits you and your kind, and it has been the police of the world. Fighting crimes against humanity with capitalist judeo christian white elitist ideology.

It’s a strong statement, and because our privilege, we are the only ones who can make it.

So, to the white in you, the next time a white person complains about the state of our social environment, and hasn’t changed the way they live to be more in kind with changing the institutional, and socio-economic ways of their kind- treat them like a broken family member, and use the unkindness of your privilege to police your kind of asshole.

If it doesn’t work, remind them, in about 30 years, they will be a minority of the world, and they along with their kids, will feel the karma of their unkindness.