Designing a self-directed learning network: work-in-progress v0.1
Winnie Lim

Glad to see that you’re interested in this problem as well!

We are still very much in the testing phase so we made a landing page at and we’d love to hear your thoughts about it. It definitely needs more clarity so any feedback is welcome! Our initial concept was very similar to what you’re experimenting with. Something like Github but repurposed for learning online.

We thought that there are a few improvements to self-directed online education that could be made:

  • More structure and better discovery. Free content is all over the internet but no one has ever made it easy to find them. One possible solution that we thought of, like what you said, is that it could be user-generated and curated.
  • More engagement. Could people learn online together? Could there be some form of collaboration? We think that outcomes of self-directed education could be real-world projects that can be showcased.
  • Possible niches. We think that free unstructured available content is our best bet. Some examples could be tutorials on obscure programming languages or musical instruments.

If you happen to be in Singapore, I’d be glad to talk about it over coffee. Let me know at