The travel and transport sector have been impacted pretty hard by the global pandemic, including services that link to using transport like Emma.ai.

We’re very lucky as our customers and users are sticking with us and we feel really appreciative and happy for that.

It seems as though the pandemic is not going away anytime soon, so we thought we’d give you an update on what the team at Emma.ai are focusing on in this period of disruption.

1. Giving 3 months free credit to our awesome existing customers

We understand that the global disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on how you are able to travel, or whether you are able to travel at all. For some customers it isn’t possible to use Emma.ai right now, so for this reason, we have added 3 months of free credit to all our existing customer accounts. …

We have taken the step to start sharing more info about what we are working on now and what’s coming next on our public product roadmap 🙌

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You can access our product roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/LFSPgHqW/emmaai-product-roadmap

We’ve had lots of enquiries from you about what’s coming next. Now, we are making it easier for you to see what we are doing 👀

We want you to influence our plans as much as possible so we can make sure that Emma.ai is heading in the right direction. You can upvote items in the product backlog and thereby impact the order that we introduce these new features.

If there is something that you think is missing you can let us know by emailing enquiries@emma.ai.

Many of you have asked if it is possible for your travel events to be added to a specific calendar. The answer is now “yes”!

You can now specify which sub calendar your travel events should be added to in your Settings.

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You can specify which sub calendar to use for your travel events

What are the benefits of doing this? Good question!

  • You can now share more accurate free/busy time with your colleagues (if you specify your primary calendar). It will now not only be limited to your meetings but can also include times when you are travelling 🚂 🚴‍♀️ 🚇
  • You can share your full calendar with your colleagues and they can see exactly where you are travelling to or from and your travel mode. …


Aaron Mason

Company founder

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