180 Websites in 180 Days: Day 15

Today’s website is a Github Profile Viewer. You can check it out HERE!

I bought the Eduonix React course on udemy earlier today because it was $10 and I felt like it would’ve been a missed opportunity not to get this course. The next 8 projects are going to come from there. At the end I’ll review the course and let everybody know what I think about it. It’s a little outdated but so far so good!

I applied to Chingu a few days ago and got my group earlier today. Chingu is a platform that connects coders from all over the world and get them to build and grow together. I actually got one of the guys I met a couple days ago from my FCC San Antonio meet up group! I definitely recommend you trying it out if you have any interest learning to work within a development team and are looking for an extra project to throw on your portfolio (Check out Chingu on their Website and Medium). Also, a friend of mine asked me to build a website for his new business and I’m thrilled to take on that task as well.

I’ll have a lot on my plate these next couple of weeks: working on the Chingu project, my own 180 Websites project, my friend’s business website, and the due date of my first born is coming up Sept 1st; but I’m still going to work hard to complete everything.

Starting next post I want to attempt to make these posts a little more technical in case any one is following along I can point them in the correct steps to complete the project on their own.