180 Websites in 180 Days: Day 18

I am 10% done with this challenge! Check out today’s page here: Book Shelf.

This was my first Redux application and it was definitely a brand new concept. I have no idea why you separate everything up into different reducers but I hope I can understand this concept and get it down quickly. Learning React is a great experience. My mind still thinks in JS&jquery. Slowly but surely that is changing.

I switched this project up from what the original project on the course was but not by much. I added in some styling and more properties for the books to display. Originally, there was only title and # of pages.

For this project it would have been cool to be able to allow users to login, create books, edit the ones they’ve inputted, favorite books to add to their collection, and search through books by title or genre. With all that extra functionality I don’t think I would’ve been able to complete that in a day, even if I did have the skill!

I want to start learning some back end stuff so I can create more fun and engaging webpages for my projects. Since I am learning Node and MongoDB for my Chingu project, hopefully I can soon start putting out some dope projects for this too.

I think a follow up to the 180 Website challenge would be interesting. I would go back and update the projects to what I wanted them to be but my skill level at the time wouldn’t allow it. Maybe if I’m still being a bum and am unemployed at the time I will do it!

Oh, and I also found out how to upload my React projects to GitHub (had to delete that big ass node_modules folder that create-react-app installed) so my projects should be up to date!