180 Websites in 180 Days: Day 3

Check out today’s page on my: site, github.

Today was a little bit of a frustrating day. I kept wanting to build some cool things using HTML5 Canvas but just didn’t know enough. Around about 6PM I decided to pick something off Jennifer’s list to do and I chose the “Roll The Dice” page.

I didn’t think this page would be a problem for me. However, when I finished everything, I decided I wanted to add in a spin to the dice roll and thought I could do so easily with jQuery .animate()… apparently I couldn’t. After about an hour of trying different methods with no success, I checked out how Jennifer did it on her pages and ended up using that as it worked so well!

I want to get into a cadence and start having my new page and blog post live at 12PM CST starting tomorrow! May not work out so well seeing how it’s almost midnight now but I will still attempt!

Also, I registered a new email, aaron@aaronmassey.pro, if you have any questions.

If you are reading these and checking out my pages drop a like or a comment and give me some feedback!