180 Websites in 180 Days: Day 6

Today’s project is a “Stopwatch”. I wanted to add in stopwatch functionality as well. I decided not to since I have done so with a FreeCodeCamp project (which I linked on today’s page).

At this point I’m starting to feel like my growth is stagnant. On one hand I want to create new projects using new ideas and concepts but it’s a whole new story once I start. The code will not work and I don’t want to copy&paste code from Stack Overflow that I don’t even understand.

My next couple of projects will be basic in nature, simply a way for me to hammer home the concepts that I’m familiar with while I study React. Once I have a solid understanding of React, I want to tackle the React Projects on FCC. Let me know if you have any good sources for learning React!

As always, interact with me a little! Drop a like, comment, or even email me at aaron@aaronmassey.pro . Check out some of my past projects on Codepen and let me know what you think!