by aaronmcnees, November 2016

It was rigged, all right. 
Hilary did not Lose. 
Trump won. 
There’s a non-semantic reason I’ll try to explain... 
Imagine that the election results had been reversed... here’s the result. 
Hillary did not win. 
Trump lost. 
This election was never about Hillary. 
It was all about Trump. 
The Media created him. 
The Media selected him. 
The Media elected him. 
I’ll tell you why:
He’s a gold mine for them. 
They’ve never had so much currency. 
They’ve never moved so much product. 
They destroyed any story on policy. 
They talked 300,000,000 times about Clinton’s emails. They never went after Trump’s taxes or any of the other scandals of financing debt worldwide. 
Instead of policy, we were given outrage. And outrage indeed it was. In gushing torrents of vitriol and poison. 
Instead of facts, we were given data, much of which had been corrupted. 
In a time of recriminations, second guessing and blame, I’ll tell you my vaunted opinion who’s not at fault for Trump:
Not Bernie Sanders. Not his disappointed supporters, from whom two camps were both ignored: The Berners-or-Busters, who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton after a primary fraught with blatant insiderism by the DNC towards HRC, and then the rest who wearily accepted her only in the orange face of DJT. 
Not from Jil Stein, Gary Johnson, or any other 3rd party Candidate. (High Vermin Supreme!) 
3rd parties actually had less votes over past elections due, once again, from. the media induced Trump factor. These totals would have been accounted for and should have been made up, regardless. 
Not the folks who didn’t even vote. They had their non-reasons for not participating in a system many find not to represent them whatsoever, and in the face of 24/7 Media, made a choice with the information: they did not bother with things they felt had no idea what was real, anymore. 
Sure as fuck Not the tens of thousands of people who were deprived their voices due to illegal trickery tru gerrymandering, redistricting, shutting down polling stations, etc. 
Not Hillary Clinton’s loyal supporters, or her luke warm one’s, either. We tried our best to put a highly intelligent and experienced woman in charge instead of a bellowing, bullying pig. 
Not even (most of) Donald Trump’s supporters, both proud Trumpers, and the Republicans who pretty much were against Clinton, or Obama, or anyone else not deemed "one of us". 
No, they had their reasons, most were financial in nature. A great many, however, had succumbed to The Media’s Cult of Trump 24/7 hypnotherapy and began to loae their critical reasoning skills such as :
How can we trust the world’s largest con man with our money, military and future? 
If you really want someone to blame, follow that gold mine to a new form of government, where they choose who the election is about...we are no longer a functional democracy. We are not an Oligarchy , or even a Kleptocracy. No, my friends... we have descended into the final stages *before* the coming Idiocracy... 
We are now living under a MEDIAOCRACY. 
Fight the power. Upgrooves the weed. Till the soil. Till the shit. Thank you for playing. Rock on.