‘Domestic’ Terrorism in the Modern Israeli State

Call it what you want, the recent attacks between Israeli Jews and Palestinians in Israel, are for better or worse, best defined as domestic terrorist attacks. I wake up every few weeks in the United States to hear that phrase thrown around, from the recent massacre of Christians in South Carolina to going all the way back to the Oklahoma City bombings, so it is of no surprise to me that Israel has called these attacks regular terrorism. What I do think is inappropriate is that the official word from the Israeli government is that these are terrorist attacks, not domestic terrorist attacks. Let’s get something straight… the actors on both sides of these attacks are the responsibility of the modern Israeli State. These actions would not be occurring if what amounts to apartheid was not practiced in the State of Israel. If Israel’s both domestic and regional security strategy did not concern prioritize the establishment of ghettos, then perhaps economic growth and stability could exist around it’s borders. Nation building is something the Israeli society has failed to consider, something that would grant them both sustained peaceful relations with neighbors and economic growth. There are two exceptions: Jordan and Egypt. Both of those relationships, transitioning from sworn enemies to allies have strengthened both the strategic security of the Israeli State but also it’s standing on the world stage. Israeli’s chickens are beginning to come home to roost, on a domestic level and I do not see it getting easy to solve. The Israeli government uses short term police state policies over long-term strategy, causing it’s citizens to constantly believe in the mindset of war and not the establishment of a free society.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and yet it is run as a military first State without a Constitution to hold leaders liable for their inability to keep the citizens safe from the State. Acting in a military first manner and failing to transition from a de facto police State to a free society (as an example, the United States), threatens the very establishment of the self proclaimed Jewish State.

The shortsightedness of the Netanyahu government has created a constant state of war. By taking responsibility for the current crisis, that individuals involved in the recent attacks are domestic terrorists and not normal terrorists, goes a long way in admitting that the policies of the State must change to both protect against the short term security lapse but also to safeguard Israeli citizens (Jews and Muslims) into the future.