Upset Hillary Didn’t Win?

If you’re a Democrat, this probably has been one of the most disappointing elections you have ever witnessed. This was supposed to be a landslide victory. I mean, of all the candidates for Secretary Clinton to run against, the abrasive and egocentric Donald Trump should have all but guaranteed a victory for the Democratic Party. So what the hell happened?

It actually is a lot simpler than you would think. But first we have to look back to 2004.

Since 2004, the Republican Party has received a fairly consistent vote total in each presidential election, that number being right around 60 million votes. In 2004, the GOP received just over 62 Million votes to Re-Elect George W. Bush. In 2008, with an underwhelming candidate of John McCain, they received 59.9 Million votes. 2012 with a rather bland candidate in Mitt Romney was able to gather 60.9 Million votes. And finally here in 2016, Donald J. Trump was able to get just over 60 Million votes. You can see the pattern, the GOP has been getting the same votes for years.

However, when President Obama entered the scene in 2008, he changed the game. He was able to in 2008 get 69.4 Million votes. Still to this day the highest vote total ever for a candidate to receive. The Republicans could never compete with this. Follow that up with a successful Re-Election campaign, the POTUS was able to still pull in 65.9 Million votes. Which is still the second highest vote turn out for any single candidate.

What President Obama was able to do, better than just about any candidate in modern history, is to bring in voters who in every other possible election, would never vote regardless of political affiliation.

The Democrats had a 6–10 million vote cushion in their voter base, that the Republicans would never be able to reach. So what happened? Where did these voters go?

Well to be honest, a voter turn out drop was expected. However, no one expected the voter drop to be as significant as it was. Sure Hillary had the email scandal swirling, and the Benghazi situation has yet to come to a conclusion. However none of that pushed more Republicans to the polls, actually Donald Trump received less total votes than previous Republican Nominee Mitt Romney.

I actually view this election really similar to the 2008 Election between President Obama and Senator McCain. McCain, very comparably to Secretary Clinton, was viewed as a highly respected, experienced candidate. John McCain was by far the more experienced candidate over little known Barack Obama in 2008. He was the safe pick, old reliable if you will. However, what Obama had was charisma. He brought out an energy in the American People that we hadn’t seen in decades. Sure, McCain probably could have served as the President just fine, but Obama garnered a belief that he could and would change America for the better.

Now I don’t believe that anyone, regardless of the party you side with, believes that Donald Trump is prepared to be the President of the United States. Hillary very much so would have been the “safer” pick. But Hillary was unable to go beyond the traditional democratic base. She isn’t the public speaker that Obama is. The extra 6–10 Million democratic voters that were behind the Obama campaign, policy wise should have remained behind Clinton. Yet they just didn’t turn out entirely. The entire voter cushion that the Democrats built under President Obama, eroded in one election cycle.

So while Hillary has won the Popular vote this cycle. The real reason to be upset about her losing this presidential election comes down to those 6–10 million votes spread across the nation that decided they didn’t need to vote. It really is that simple. If even a portion of that group turned out, she very well would have won.

While I believe many that are participating in the riots and protests did vote for Secretary Clinton, I will almost guarantee that there are large numbers in those groups that did not. Those are the ones I turn to for this message.

Regardless of political affiliation, voting truly does matter. Whether or not its considered impossible for the other candidate to win. Each and every voice matters. When you don’t vote, you essentially say you don’t care about the outcome. It’s important for everyone to turn out for not only the Presidential Elections, but for every local, state and national election that is held.

Personally, I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for Gary Johnson. I typically side with Republican views and policies. If literally any of the other Republican candidates would have been nominated, I would have voted for them. I understand the push against Donald Trump. Things he said were horrible, from the past and the more recent past. However, I believe it is now our responsibility to support the candidate that won our election, I hope he does well by all those who did vote for him as well as those who didn’t. I hope he gathers many smart individuals around him to help guide him during his term. And lastly, I hope he reaches out to those who he hurt, whether by purpose or not. For we are a country of differences, and no section of our nation should feel that they are unwanted.