Technically a Coffee Recap: 12/3/2015

Photo credit: @jamimullikin

The Greenville, SC startup community is alive and well, and one of the benefits of having so much local talent is having the opportunity to share what you are working on with other like-minded folks.

I had the pleasure to presenting our form management software at Technically a Coffee, a monthly gathering at OpenWorks. The morning started with coffee, bagels, and conversations with founders, app developers and project managers about their current projects.

Technically a Coffee features 10-minute presentations by 4 different companies, 3 technology and 1 non-profit. Madiken Scholl from TipHive presented first, followed by Jon-Michial Carter from ChartSpan, then I presented Forms InMotion from KeyMark. The last presentation was given by Drew Stanley from Foster Foods, which had only been around for a couple of weeks prior to the meetup.

There were tons of great questions and feedback from the audience. With such a diverse crowd in attendance, there were many different perspectives on utilizing the different products that were presented. I encourage anyone that’s working on a product at any stage to get in front of your peers. There’s no substitute for a head nod or a great question from an audience member to validate what you are doing.

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