WOW!, what a screen shot eh? He is known as “The Punisher”. I use this image without permissions. The story I am telling you is about a strong smart and violent man. The photo is a ❎ dead on hit, describing my main character. His real name is Aaron. Only his mother calls him that. His father is alive, but nowhere a round…ever! So fuck him! Maybe if he showed up once in a while, Aaron might have gone to college. Possibly becoming a vital member of society. As the story goes, Aaron a.k.a. D2, is a product of his environment. The nickname D2: Deth2MS a.k.a. Deth2MicroSoft, was picked up from hacking FTP sites as a young man. D2MS, and Deth2MS, was the L/P to PWA, FTP sites. PWA: Pirates With Attitude, spread stolen software all over the world via FTP sites and peer 2 peer. P2P applications or APPS, allowed a user to log into two separate computers. FTP, File Transfer Program/Protocol is a vital tool for the courier. The speed of the files transfered was limited to the slowest modem+speed of the two you connect.

D2 made the mistake of falling in love. His woman and her children were everything to him. He bought her a house large enough to hold his new found family. She had 3 redheaded children. Aaron was so happy, he left his life of crime, and picked up a nine to five job, working construction. He should have known better.

Aaron was making making more money than he could spend by selling drugs during his off time. He was lonely. Finding this beauty, was a dream come true. He quit selling drugs. He settled down, and enjoyed the family life. The children loved him so. He finally got what he was looking for all his life. A woman he could make a wife.

One evening Aaron came home to a drunk woman that has known how to fight all her life. She was wanting, waiting, hungry as hell for some dick. She was so sloppy drunk, Aaron gave up 1/2 way to a orgasm. This enraged her and she decided to force sex onto Aaron. Now, Aaron is no weakling, but the entire situation turned him off. During the long, loud argument, the children called the police. upon arrival the officers tried to get Aaron to just leave. The problem with driving away was, He had a few drinks before reaching the house after work. “I don’t trust these cops, they will arrest me just down the street for driving under the influence…DUI.” So he sat in his van with the keys on the floor out of reach.

Dana really wanted Aaron to come inside…in more ways then one. she scratched herself on her arm with her long fingernails. “Look! He did this to me!” she exclaimed. the officers noted the blood on her arm, then arrested Aaron for CDV: Crimanal Domestic Violence.

After the weekend in jail, Aaron came home to an empty house. she even took the curtains leaving nothing but trash on the floor. His court day came, and he was found guilty to CDV, and forced to seek council, pay court fees, and take a course in domestic violence.

This is only chapter one of many. hope you enjoyed the trials, tribulations, and escapades of little old Aaron, A born looser. After bailing out of jail, this dummy reunites with his love, and gets his ♥ broken some more.