No One Reads the Intro

Full disclosure, I’m a male in my late twenties and I’ve never written a blog before. If you’re reading this its likely you know me personally and have just settled in for a well deserved bathroom break. Perhaps you’ve found yourself exhausted by the politics or endless add-ridden slideshows on Facebook and decided as a friend to “check out my blog” as long as it takes you to finish that number two inspired by your morning cup of Robusta. Whatever the reason I’m glad you’re here and intend to entertain first and educate second. If I fail to do the first please disregard any attempt I make toward the second point.

My experience is all I have to go by. I don’t read other dating blogs so if I deviate from the boilerplate I apologize to the plate makers and their effort to reduce the written word to a solitary acronym or emoji. If you’ve read this far I’m honored and impressed by your dedication but also concerned that you should probably see a proctologist. The only intro I can remember reading in my life was for a Gary Larson comic and that was because it was written by the late Robin Williams. From it I learned the definition of comedy and without which I couldn’t make sense of this inane activity known to some as dating but to most as fuel for the uncomfortable situations that define our strange lives in Los Angeles.