Every industry has it’s funny quirks. I’ve compiled 20 amusing memes, phrases, jokes, and quirks from from technology and Silicon Valley into a sticker set for iMessage! There’s not a whole lot more to say, I did this because I thought it would be funny and I hope you find…

I was visiting NYC for a conference (Dribbble Hang Time) last month and wanted to see if any designers that follow me wanted to meet for coffee. …

This post is to aggregate some of the ARKit experiments I did when it was originally released. These were all roughly made around July 2017.

Visualization of Downtown LA Checkins

ARKit + Unity + Mapbox + Swarm
Youtube Link

Startup Simulator (Lacroix Physics)

ARKit + Unity
Youtube Link

Tesla Model S

ARKit + Unity
Youtube Link

ARKit Zombie

ARKit + Unity
Youtube Link

Note: Chroma is no longer in the Mac App Store for compatibility reasons. This post is up just for archival purposes. It may come back in the future, but not for a while. In the meantime– I recommend using Apple’s HomeKit.

“The best way to manage Hue lights from macOS”…

Tracker is an iPhone app and Apple Watch app for logging your mood or energy levels throughout the day. Meditating, trying a new supplement stack, working out, or changing your regimen? Use Tracker to record your improvement, mood, and gather data for experimentation data over time.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I…

Fact! is a game where you smash blocks to learn crazy trivia. Unlock weapons and try to complete the entire collection of facts.

You can get it here in the iOS App Store.

My October 2017 Stack (ALCAR not pictured)

Note: This isn’t medical advice, and you should always do proper research, be aware of potential side effects, dosage, be skeptical, and read as much as you can before taking anything. Always be aware of how one compound might interact with another.

I take a lot of supplements and switch…

Here’s a quick sketch around an iOS feature idea: force pressing to clear badge notifications. Could be interesting to clear my badge notifications locally and any new pushes coming in start incrementing the badge counter again.

Or, maybe I should just be more careful about which apps I give permissions to?

I’m joining Facebook to work on new products and experiences around the camera and augmented reality. ✌️

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Aaron Ng

technology, meditation, aesthetics. i’ve done work for companies including Facebook, Square, and Apple.

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