The Meek Are Getting Ready

I have a friend who became financially free a few years ago when he sold an internet company he started. This guy is young, single and now rich and epitomizes the American dream. He’s the one that everyone wants to be someday as they look back on their hard work and good fortune whispering to themselves, “I made it.”

But with him it happened fast.

Being thrust into sudden wealth can reveal a lot about a person’s character, and I’ve been watching curiously to see how it might affect him.

The funny thing is, most people wouldn’t even know that my friend is wealthy.

Sure, they would feel a lightness in his presence. They would sense a freedom in his schedule and see him doing work he is passionate about. But probably the last thing anyone would assume about him is that he is a self-made multi-millionaire. He isn’t strutting about waving a banner of success behind him. Rather, he lives simply and unencumbered with the same friends and car and position in life that he had before his big win.

If this had been my story it would have most likely included gobs of new clothes, cabanas in Thailand, and live-in housekeepers. But my friend’s life hasn’t changed in outwardly obvious ways at all. He has relished the quiet victory of a humble life that becomes more apparent and beautiful with time.

Thinking about my friend, I realize that I’m attracted to meekness. I’m fascinated by a powerful person who is able to restrain their strength and spend it in the right ways at the right time.

Maybe that is one reason I’m drawn to Christ. He had all the power in the world yet he held back and humbled himself to live like humanity. He was free in every sense of the word but didn’t flaunt his freedom or seem unapproachable because of it.

His power was not pushy or even obvious yet it impacted everyone he came in contact with. He had a subtle strength that caused people to search themselves for answers instead of forcing them to measure up to some elite status.

That kind of wealth is incredibly attractive and has more power to bring about change on the earth than anything else I’ve seen.

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