WEB NEUTRALITY: A Topic We Should All Be Talking About

Image Source: Wired

This short PSA I created illustrates the concept of Net Neutrality, and why it is such an important issue because it changes how we use the internet. This relates it to a recent dispute in 2017 involving the FCC wanting to repeal back web neutrality laws that the Obama Administration created in 2015.

Video created by Aaron Fung, via PowToon


So you’ve probably heard of the term, net neutrality.

But what exactly is it?

and…why should we care?

Net Neutrality is basically when internet service providers (ISPs for short) must allow equal access to all content and applications, without benefiting, limiting, or blocking access to products or websites.

The Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) Chief Ajit Pai, recently wanted to repeal the internet regulations imposed by the Obama administration back in 2015.

If net neutrality is removed, this is really bad news because ISPs, which are essentially the gatekeepers to the internet, can do a variety of things for their own benefits such as:

  1. Charging a fee to use all your favourite websites or social networks
  2. Splitting bandwidth speeds into fast and slow lanes; charging fees for access to higher speeds
  3. Or blocking access to a site completely

This is a bad idea because the internet is a place that allows everyone to share content and ideas, as well as educate themselves. Without it, innovation will suffer traumatically from individuals to small businesses and start-ups.

So remember, the fight for net neutrality is a struggle for human rights. We use the internet for basically everything, and often take it for granted and it’s about time we defended it.

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Video and voice-over content created by Aaron Fung, via PowToon

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