What We Can Change

The ability to recognise what we can change and what we cannot in every situation is key to happiness and well-being. Waiting for Harvard University to reply to your Masters application is a situation you cannot change, and so, if you continue to be anxious or worried over it, it will not help the situation one bit. Same goes for flight delays. If you continue to rage over your flight delay, nothing will change, and the flight will continue to be delayed. So instead, spend time and energy on the things that you can change. If you do not have a degree, you can take active actions to work toward it. If you do not like your job, you can start looking for another job. These are situations that you can change. We can focus on things that we cannot change and the situation will not change a bit. We need to recognise the situations that offers nothing even if we continue to be angry or sad over it. No amount of energy dispensed into such situations will afford anything good out of it.

Recognise the situation. You have control.

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