Thinking Differently about Time and Meetings

I have a weird way of meeting, combining practices from Death by Meeting, Agile Project and Product Management and Holacratic Systems. Generally, this diagram from DbM outlines the approach.

Quick thoughts

Daily check-in — this could be done in Basecamp

Weekly Tactical — the process outlined for this type of meeting in Death by Meeting is complicated. Simply:

  1. Top 3 Things on Everyone’s Plate — Review weekly accountabilities, progress and challenges/tensions/issues
  2. Next, review issues that came out from everyone’s review in #1
  3. Discuss those issues avoiding bigger discussion to a longer meeting (Monthly Strategy or Ad Hoc Strategy Meeting)
  4. Discussing issues will result in tasks. Close meeting by reviewing next steps/tasks.

Monthly Strategy / Ad Hoc — intense 60+ min sessions devoted to working out plans for what needs to be done Now, Next and Later

Quarterly Off-Site — appreciate this approach for higher-ups to do everything listed with a little fun mixed in but focused on getting things done


Accountabilities — ultimately, responsibilities of team members framed as something as a part / role they need to play and are accountable for

Now, Next and Later — timelines for tasks to get done; Now is 1–4 weeks, Next is 1–3 months and Later is 3+ months away.

Tensions / Issues — used interchangely; the word is neutral. An issue is the gap between where we are and where we would like to be. We make progress by finding solutions to these gaps.

I’m find that this is a really productive and collaborative way to meet and GTD. This helps with moving the ball forward. Information sharing can be shared via message board in Basecamp or other collaborative software.

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