Only one can dream
Growing up in Bradford as a person who has a learning disability and autism was hard at school being called so many nasty names. Mostly I was called Chinese and half cast.
In the next few years I achieved more than the teachers thought I would I got a job at the nhs in 2016 and I became a better person having made mistakes in my early 20s.
For the first time in my life I felt that people believed in what I can do and I became more confident I also gained independence by moving into my own flat.
I dream in the future to go on to apodting a child or young person and give them happiness and love they deserve.
There’s a saying I always say to people now and it’s judge me by my ability and don’t focus on my disability. There’s still the stigma surrounding people with a learning disability and autism that there not normal people and they can’t do what they want in life my answer to that is can the haters define what a normal person is
I want to say from the bottom of my heart thanks so much for the amazing people in my life and I love you all
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