Winter Sunset over Sweden @ 36,000 feet

the iPhone X as in-flight camera

I shot this series of “skyscape” pictures over Sweden on a recent SAS flight from Tokyo to Copenhagen. I recently received an iPhone X — my first smartphone! — as a Christmas present, and I’ve been eager to play with the camera in particular.

So, instead of carrying my usual rig of reasonably compact Oly e-p 5 with35mm equivalent prime for some spontaneous in-flight snaps, I tucked my iPhone X into my seat bag.

The view out the window on this flight was the typical and rather uninspiring sea of clouds — what we call “unkai” in Japanese.

But the view through the plane’s front-mounted in-flight camera was another story. In the end, I shot several frames off the entertainment display in the seatback in front of me. Of course, this was in economy: fortunately, the iPhone does a good job of close-up photos!