Questionable enough to write

Have we gotten to the point in human exsitance to where everyone and everything is just a open container of unpridictable unfortunate events happening in a sequnese to where they don’t seem so bad but in reality they’re lessons for the mind,body,and soul .. Why..? What’s the point in the emotion needing to fill its cup with tears of pain and heartfilled,heartfless,unmotivated,unlimited terror, what is it that we do that we are force to take on these dark learing lessons that’s are forced upon us? My mind and soul drags in the depth of its own terror and hell begging With the self sorrow striking my whole control on wanting to do anything, it’s two ways I’ve learned how to deal with this amazing,cruel world we live in. We can either be the eaten, or EAT. IM HUNGRY. IM TIRED. IM DONE GETTING FETCHED TO BE EATEN … Life stages aren’t as great as I thought they could have been when I was a child, turns out, when you really got nothing to lose and you want a life successful enough to where people where always remember your name… Well …. I’m willing to just die for that exactly.

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