12 Mindfulness Hacks That Will Kill Your Stress
Larry Kim

Larry, I think you do a great job of providing some good motivational tips, but I think you should also take into consideration the idea that mindfulness is a coping strategy designed to be used when a person most needs to acknowledge their thoughts and feelings. This could be when you wake up in a sweat worried you pissed off your boss…it could be because you’ve a big meeting in the morning, and so on.

Mindfulness can be as effective as any mental strategy, but to suggest it’s as good as taking a medication to combat something like major depressive disorder (relapse or not) is just not true, because there is not one person on the planet who reacts in the same way as someone else who may have a disorder. There are some who have innate resilience, so being mindful may not take them as long as someone who never had that mapping through childhood.

It’s a way to prevent yourself from worrying about the past you can’t change, and thinking too far ahead (prophecies of doom). Sometimes, medication, permanent or temporary, can help to keep a person stable as they learn skills they’ve never learned before (or, more likely, not had an environment conducive to learning the things most others can just do). Sometimes, the meds can help relieve those moments that are overwhelming and you can’t think logically…anxiety is a horrible thing.

So, yes, with great vigour, do all of the things you suggest, because they can pull you back to the now…but also remember that mindfulness isn’t a general list of hacks you can try to keep yourself present. Like all ‘hacks’, it works for a small period of time, and if you haven’t resorted to counselling or medical advice, you’ll be relying on these hacks forever, or developing avoidance complexes.

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