Turning Unity into Medicine

Be really ambitious, be aggressive and don’t have doubt.

What attracted me to technology 15 years ago was the creation that took place. The production that was immediate, within a of couple hours you could build something that changed the way someone interacted with the world.

I answered the same question each morning, right when I woke up, but today I was as at a loss. I had been up until 2 am the previous night, fielding customer support emails and tying up loose ends, but I was also ready, excited even, to start the day.

I paused…

As a CEO of a tech startup, growth of the tech industry is essential to the success of iExhale.

Perspective is an interesting thing. What once seemed life or death important is now simply a footnote in my life. …

Aaron Robin

Working on new ways of helping people “Hacking Happiness” — VP of Product at @appliedVR — Formerly CEO @iExhale

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