The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment
Anne Victoria Clark

You totally missed the point here. Only persons who have higher status in an organization and/or direct hierarchy over the person should totally refrain from flirting/asking out.

Otherwise, the only point is respect. Ask respectfully and accept the other person’s decision. Don’t pressure. It applies all both for men and for women.

Why can’t you find your girlfriend at work? If you always have to wait for the lady’s absolute clear signal, good luck. Also, most women do not know how to say no. They seem annoyed by being asked out. Aren’t we men too many times also flirted by women we dislike? But we must be nice. Oh, okey you have other rights. Because when women really like a guy, many of them become very stalking. Tired of these generalizations.

What happens afterwards when men seem dubious and fearful about approaching? Then you treat them like unworthy of you.

Feminism was necessary. Now it is confused with genre extremism.

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