You can use the footage in court thus having a strong ground on your case against them. Outdoor cameras will enable you to monitor what’s going on in your back and front yard without having to go and open the door. The camera itself can be able to control access to your house when it’s connected to the unlocking and locking system of your doors. Mostly, outdoor cameras are used in locations that require high security such as banks and jewellery stores. Nevertheless, the number of homes with outdoor cameras is rapidly increasing as people use this technology to protect their families and property.

What to Look For In An Outdoor Security Camera

The first thing you should assess is the type of property you are looking to protect. Are you looking to secure a large store or a small home? What features in a camera are essential to you?. In this article we are going to show you the core features you should consider before buying and outdoor security camera.

Weather Resistance

This is one of the most important feature of an outdoor camera or any kind of a security system that is going to be placed either temporarily or permanently outdoors. Different kinds of outdoor cameras have a different degree of weather resistance, but it s very important that the camera you will purchase is able to withstand rain, strong winds and maybe snow. Mostly, these types of outdoor cameras have a hood that protrudes over the lens of the camera to protect the lens.

Power Supply.

Security cameras and systems require a power supply by default thus power supply should be common sense. When purchasing a second hand camera it is important that you be aware that not all the second hand security systems will include all items such as power supply.A Power supply can be in the form of a system that needs to be plugged into an outlet or batteries. Keep in mind the layout of your house and the power supply accessibility if you choose a system that will require a power outlet.

Two Basic Types of Outdoor Security Cameras.

There are three main options to choose from when you are making a choice on which outdoor camera you are going to use — a wireless camera or a wired camera.

Wireless Cameras

Outdoor wireless security cameras are the latest models of the two available options. Wireless cameras are also very versatile in terms of where they can be placed outdoors. Since the wireless cameras are not limited by the placement of the cables and wires a they are very easy to install for even an amateur. Outdoor wireless cameras are also more invisible as they cannot be traced by the wires that protrude from the security system. The lack of cables and wires means that the cameras can easily be moved .

Wired Cameras.

This kind of security cameras must be installed in a place where the wires and cables can meet with the necessary outlets. The presence of these wires sometimes tips potential thieves on the location of the security camera.

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