When my wife says “WYD”…

If you’re married, then you may be familiar with texting your spouse throughout the work day while you’re separated. It’s not every 5 minutes or even every hour, but a periodic update on what’s going on or a continuation of a certain conversation.

Whether on the job or off, there are times Chelsey will text me “WYD” ,— “What (are) You Doing”. As someone working a “real job” serving tables full time, building a digital marketing business, writing, and developing other projects, I’m always doing something. I’m not the millennial in front of the Xbox One for hours, as much as the thought of it might appeal to me. I stay busy working on things that I believe will/am determined to make benefit us long term.

Recently my plans were derailed by my decision to snooze a couple hours past my 5:30 alarm, missing a Tuesday Bible Study. I love mornings, love starting my day with this group of older gentlemen discussing sacred truths, my body just needed the rest. After I awoke and she went to work, I didn’t have much direction. I felt like something in my day was missing, knew I had to work at the restaurant in a few hours but definitely didn’t know the rest of my plans. After surfing the web, reading some articles, and getting ready for work, I made my commute. Then the text came…”WYD today”.

When we get familiar with a routine and each day seems to go right on into the next, it’s easy to to coast into a complacent auto-pilot, busy but not productive. Her texts hold me accountable. I’ll be honest, sometimes they come at times when I’d much rather be “busy” without any type of true reason. But every time she sends me a “WYD”, I begin to actively think about what I’m doing, what my purpose for it is, and why. When she holds me accountable, I realize that real progress doesn’t happen automatically. It takes willful decisions, and a focused mind.

Who or what is holding you accountable?

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