That was beautiful man. As a native NYer you Chicagoans are special.

Some of us. Not all of us.

Some of us like to kick our guys when they are down.

They like to think the athletes here owe it to them.

They like to sit on their couch and drink their beer and get fat then turn and call these guys lazy bums who just want a paycheck. The same shlubs that get to work at 9am sharp and are out of there at 5pm on the dot.

Ever since Rose tore his ACL I’ve heard a lot of shitty people say a lot of shitty things about this guy.

I grew up playing basketball in this city, I started playing in 5th grade and I played through HS. I coached 5th-8th grade and I coached 9th-12th grade.

The notion that this guy was ever milking his injuries or was lazy or just wanted a paycheck is absurbed. These are jealous and ignorant “fans”.

Throughout everything Rose has gone through, no one seems to give him any credit for what he HAS done. This guy, could not have gone through the months of rehab he has gone through… He could not have bounced back time and time again from injury… If he had no heart… If he was lazy… If he just wanted a paycheck… But there is a large contingent of “fans” here in Chicago who thought exactly that, instead of wanting to see him succeed and overcome those obstacles, they rather hate on him and kick him when he was down and pray for a trade like this. None of these “fans” have any idea what it’s like to go through what he did, on the outside, he feigned like his confidence had never wavered, he put up a good public front, but you could see in his game that he didn’t trust his body and that it was going to take some time for him to get to a point of being able to trust his body again. But that’s natural. Someone would have to be a monster with no emotion and no feelings at all to do what a lot of the “fans” in Chicago expected him to do.

The media here is awful, they don’t care about truth, they don’t care about reality, they care about what gets ratings and pageviews and clicks. They play into all the negativity and the bullshit because they want to pander to these “fans”. They drive the negativity bus and the casual “fans” who only know what they know from the radio personalities (not analysts, not journalists, personalities…) and the blog writers tell them. They try to take 1 stat like assists and create not just a story but an epic tale from it. We’re Roses assists down? Yes… But how many times did I see Rose pass the ball early in the shot clock to Niko who would then throw up a 50'er or pass it to Dougie who would then run around in circles for a bit and either dump it off again or chuck up a shot himself. His assists were down but so were his minutes. Meanwhile Jimmy is still playing in garbage time to pad his stats. Then you get to the end of the season and see that Jimmy had more assists than Rose and you make erroneous conclusions from that.

What has transpired with the Bulls organization over the last 2 seasons has utterly disgusted me. They railroaded Thib’s out of town under the silly notion that the stars were playing too many minutes and he was wearing them down. No one ever stopped to actually look at the stats, look at how many minutes they were actually playing VS their peers. If a guy like Shaq can have a 40mpg season and win a championship, how in the world is Noah playing 30mpg, over use? This idea, only adds to the notion that the NBA has gotten soft. Big players, play big minutes. If the Big players can’t play the big minutes, you have to ask yourself if they really are Big players… But I digress…

I listened to the press conference live yesterday on 98.7 via the internet. I smile and shake my head sometimes when I hear Rose talk, I know what he is trying to say but he doesn’t always do a good job of saying it. He’s not the most articulate person in the NBA but a lot of that has to do with how he came up and who he has around him, his handlers who are supposed to help with these kinds of things. It took Lebron James a long time before he was able to really articulate things, it wasn’t until after he “Took his talents to South Beach” that he learned how to do this. You know, we want these guys to be honest and we want candor from them and then when it’s not what we want to hear, we shred them in the media. I was impressed with the NY media. You guys are supposed to be pretty harsh but instead of ripping Derrick apart for some of the things he wasn’t articulating well, you guys gave him the benefit of the doubt, you got the point despite how they may have been articulated. That is something we don’t do here in Chicago… It’s cooler and more fun and gets better clicks and ratings if we shred the guy apart for his vocal missteps and his inability to articulate well.

While there are a lot of good people and good fans in Chicago there are a lot of people here who put up a front. Who think they are way better than they are, who think they are higher and mightier than they really are.

The media wonders why players avoid coming to Chicago, it’s because of the media…. It’s always been because of the media… Back to the Jordan days… The media here shreds guys, gives no benefit of the doubt, and if you’re not winning for them today, you’re a bum and you need to go, (Patrick Kane for example, no one cared about due process, everyone thought it was best to trade him before the season started, then the truth comes out that he was being extorted and he goes on to win MVP) forget about what you did yesterday, forget about what you can do tomorrow… There is some air of entitlement that permeates the media and a large portion of the fanbase. Maybe that’s because all they remember is MJ and the 6 rings and they don’t remember succumbing to the Pistons year after year… They don’t remember how hard it was… Expectations in this city are insane at times. Everyone expected Derrick Rose to come back from his ACL injury and lead the Bulls to the promised land, to a championship. Why did they expect this? Had any other player in history, in any sport, ever do this? NO. There was no precedent for it, yet they expected it. They demanded it. When he couldn’t produce it, it was time for him to go… Coming off of his ACL injury he was set up to fail and he was set up to fail by his own team, by GarPaxDorf and their PR hype train. Derrick had to do what even MJ and Kobe had never done if he expected to stay in the good graces of the media and “fans” here. Insane expectations. Unrealistic expectations. But the Bulls PR sold the “fans” on it and then the “fans” expected it.

I could talk about this for hours and hours… I grew up here. Basketball was a huge part of my life… For the longest time I’ve “Seen Red” but now all I see are blundering idiots destroying a great franchise… They keep the seats filled with their PR machine… Making the Rose trade easy to swallow by leaking erroneous stories to the media that he couldn’t play with Jimmy Butler. Making the Thib’s firing easy to swallow by blaming player injuries and team shortcomings on too many minutes or sour relationship with the GM… It’s not Derrick that has a problem with Jimmy, it’s Jimmy that has a problem with everyone else… Grrrr Forman has to go…

All I can say to you guys in NY is give this kid a chance before you count him out. He’s got the “heart, hustle and muscle” as Stacey King would say. He’s a fighter… He’s a hooper… a baller… Don’t doubt him. He’s a player, players want to play, they aren’t going to dog it.. It’s not in their DNA… you don’t get to the NBA by dogging it and you sure as hell don’t come back from 3 knee injuries by dogging it. Please, keep in mind he’s not the most articulate person but he’s real, you’re hearing his words, not the words of PR person that prepped him. Give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that.

I hope he stays healthy, I hope he gets comfortable with his body again. My dream for this kid, is that he has a stellar year in NY, that we wind up in a position a year from now where the Bulls are still looking for a starting PG and he is far and away the best option out there and the Bulls and their “fans” are forced to grovel at his feet and beg him to come back but I hope he doesn’t. I hope he stays in NY if that’s what’s best for him or moves on to someplace else…

And for the Bulls “fans” reading this disagreeing with me, thinking they can get Westbrook next summer… To you I ask; why do you think that? What precendent is there to make you believe that? Wade, Lebron, Carmelo, KG… There is no precedent for it because it’s never happened and it probably never will. If the only reason you believe that is because GarPaxDorf say, my friend you’re a fool.

Growing up in the city of Chicago, being a Bulls fan through and through, I never thought I would see the day when I had a reason to cheer for the Knicks… I loved hating the Knicks… Ewing, Starks, Mason, Johnson, Harper… Van Gundy. Riley. I was at the game when Pippen dunked on Ewing and rode him to the ground… It’s one of my fondest sports memories… But I will be pulling for you guys… I will be pulling for my man… I will be there at the UC when you guys come to town (the only time I will be at the UC for a Bulls game) and I will be wearing Blue and Orange and the #25. What the Bulls organization has done the last few years has left a sour taste in my mouth, that, grrrr, won’t be going away anytime soon.

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