All the times Cambridge Analytica said it worked for Leave.EU

Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix has sought to throw shade on claims that the company worked for Leave.EU, “[It] doesn’t say we worked with them,” he stated in a recent interview. However, it’s clear that Nix is simply gaslighting from the following cursory look:

“Brittany Kaiser … later told PRWeek that the firm had been approached by the campaign several months ago, but only started working with it more recently.” — PR.Week, 11.18.15
“Cambridge Analytica are world leaders in target voter messaging. They will be helping us map the British electorate and what they believe in, enabling us to better engage with voters.” — Leave.EU, 11.20.15
“Cambridge Analytica … has helped boost Leave.EU’s social media campaign,” The Independent, citing Arron Banks, 12.06.2015
“Recently, Cambridge Analytica has teamed up with Leave.EU … to help them better understand and communicate with UK voters. We have already helped supercharge Leave.EU’s social media campaign.” — Alexander Nix, 02.10.2016
“Well, actually right now we are working on the Bracksieck [sic] campaign, so we are working with all three of the main parties.” — Brittany Kaiser, 03.29.2016
“We can’t talk about [Leave.EU]. Some campaigns are more sensitive than others and this is one that we cannot discuss … at all.” — Alexander Nix, 01.17.2017
“We did undertake some work with, but it’s been significantly overreported.” — Alexander Nix, 02.08.2017
“The communications director of, Andy Wigmore, told the Observer that … he introduced [Nigel] Farage and to Cambridge Analytica: ‘They were happy to help. Because Nigel is a good friend of the Mercers.’” —The Guardian, 02.25.2017

And, finally, as reported by Bloomberg News:

“A few days later, Cambridge issued a statement denying any involvement in the campaign. [Richard] Tice, [co-founder of Leave.EU] reached again by phone, stood by his statements that the firm worked for Leave.EU and said of Cambridge Analytica’s denial, “Just put it down to politics.”

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