Aaron Snyder of GWU Examines The Issues Facing The Less Fortunate in America

Aaron Snyder GWU
Jul 3, 2019 · 2 min read

While attending George Washington University, Aaron Snyder understood that he wanted to eventually attend law school so he could eventually help others in need. What he learned during his studies was that he didn’t need to wait until he left GWU to give back to the less fortunate. As a Co-Founder of People in Crisis, LLC., Aaron Snyder of GWU looks to help address the following issues that plague many Americans.

  1. Lack of Proper Dental Care
  2. Inability to Pay for Medication
  3. Inability to Recieve Transportation to Medical Appointments
  4. Lack of Access to Life-Saving Therapies That Fall Outside of Standard Insurance Coverage

Aaron Snyder of GWU was keenly aware that the above issues were being taken for granted by those who had access to the proper care. Through his work with People in Crisis, L.L.C. he was able to organize donations to get people the dental care they need as well as meet with the less fortunate to explain different plans they were eligible for that would give them access to better dental coverage.

Aaron Snyder of GWU believes that a lot of the issues that P.I.C. helps the less fortunate with are basic human rights. For example, the public is starting to become more and more aware of the dangers associated with mental health issues. Depression and anxiety are very real symptoms that demand the proper treatment. When they go untreated, people are not given a fair shot to live out their American dream. Instead, they are left to wallow in their illness. This needs to change. Aaron Snyder of GWU believes that his fellow members of People In Crisis are just a small part of what needs to be a major change in the country. Everyone must look out for their fellow citizen so that every person can live their best life.

With American’s Independence Day around the corner, it’s clear that everyone enjoys the freedom to live their best life. Aaron Snyder of GWU encourages you to do your part to provide the less fortunate with the basic life necessities to ensure they can become contributing members of a thriving society.

Aaron Snyder GWU

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