The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To The Trump-Russia Investigation
Ahmed Baba

Complete nonsense and covenient ignoring/ignorance of facts. Mueller hasn’t been assembling a team that is pretty much the legal equivalent of the Avengers. He has assembled a hack job of biased lawyers including those that worked for the corrupt Clinton foundation in order to prove what they have already concluded. You conveniently ignored that Manafort was also on the Podesta payroll and the Podesta family lobbying firm worked for the pro-Russia Ukranian contingent. You also ignore that the dossier is complete fiction & Page was never in Prague for said meetings. Not only that but he has never been to Prague. You say Trump Jr. was explicitly told that the information being offered was part of the Russian government’s effort to aid Donald Trump Sr. but that is not the story that I am aware of. He was told by a Russian who he knew from previous beauty pageant work in Moscow that he would arrange a meeting with someone who had the information. There is no indication that Jr. knew or thought that she worked for Putin. Incidentally that meeting was about the Magnitsky act which Trump is currently using to go after Maduro and his associated criminals as well as the ISI associated criminals in Pakistan. Lastly a bill is now being proposed to shut Mueller down if he doesn’t come up with something credible by April and not fund any investigations of matters prior to 2015. Maybe you should go back to the drawing board empty your mind of BS and propaganda, look at the actual facts and rewrite this.

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