Thought Trump’s First Week Was Bad? What Happens After a Terrorist Attack?
Nicholas Grossman

More of the constant liberal left wing nonsense that never seems to end and just lacks any common sense. I agree Trump’s ban was badly written and poorly employed but your arguments hold no water. This constant drivel that we should not make them mad because that will boost jihadi recruitment is ludicrous. Every instance where government’s tried to mollify these nut cases did not go well. The Afghan’s tried to turn the Taliban into a non-violent political party. How well did that go? Rafiki was killed in Lebanon despite Hezbollah actually having a say in government. Your statistics of the number of jihadist’s killing americans vs. americans killing americans is insane. How many americans do you think the jihadis would kill if you quadrupled their numbers in the US? That doesn’t mean all muslims are jihadis but the vast majority of orthodox muslims either support jihadists or are jihadists. To think otherwise is denial.

Your statement that “Refugees Aren’t Dangerous” is insane. Haven’t you seen what is going on in Europe. Merkel has decided that the Germans need to pay refugees that entered the country to leave because then they won’t have to forcibly evict them. Sweden has filled trains with them to ship them out because of the rapes etc. If they are so nice why are they suddenly so unwelcome.

Nazi Germany was an existential threat, but al Qaeda and ISIS aren’t because they can’t overthrow our government is true only because we are here and they are way over there without ships or planes to get all the way over here. If you don’t think they are an existential threat you should talk to a Yazidi better yet go over there and make ISIS think you are a Yazidi.

I agree blocking refugees and immigrants purely on the basis of religion is wrong but how can you believe that while ignoring Obama’s preferential acceptance of Muslims. How many Yazidi’s did he allow into the US? Trump’s ban though bad was not racist, bigoted etc. because 85% if the world’s muslims could still come here if his ban was instituted. You are just an echo chamber for the left and MSM’s verbal garbage.

There is no evidence that Trump has inspired more self-starters, and aided terrorist recruitment. In fact it is more likely that he has scared the crap out of them because he is a wild card. Just look what he has done to the left and progressives in the US.

Then you go on with in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, Trump will stoke fears instead of calming everyone and the public reaction will be different. This is just more of Trump is bad news and I am going to chew my nails to the bone because he will only make a bad situation worse. There is no evidence of that becoming reality despite what MSM, DNC and other wack jobs would have us believe.

What you should be asking is why didn’t we have these problems the last time there was a wave of muslim immigrants to the US after the Iranian revolution. The answer was that secular muslims left Iran while ultra orthodox ones remained. The ones that came to the US were educated or educatable and accepted the laws of this country not those from over a thousand years ago.

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