“I totally stand with immigrants.

So your solution is to open the gates and let them all come here. How is that going to fix the problems that these people are running from? We can’t empty every country into the US. Clearly no first world country can survive long term without immigration but immigrants cannot come in faster than a country can accommodate them and having almost all of incoming immigrants coming from one country is not fair to immigrants in other countries. What first world countries needed to do first is secure their borders and an immediate second help those other countries overcome their difficulties and crime ridden societies. Why does every manufactured good have to come from China? Can’t anything be made in central america? Wouldn’t we be helping them more if we helped them in their home countries instead of ignoring the root problem of crime infested neighborhoods, lack of jobs and lack of education? If you just empty their country it’s obvious that at some point the crime will come with them.

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