She explains it very clearly.
Kendra Anthrope

Sorry but you lack the reading comprehension. The premise is that AHCA will allow her ex to kill her. That is separate from mental health and from Obamacare. If he goes after her it’s his mental health that is the issue and also a case for law enforcement/courts. Furthermore even with obamacare the health insurance companies have short changed mental healthcare. A very large 800 bed Los Angeles hospital closed it’s psychiatric inpatient building because of lack of funding and despite Obamacare/California care. I said that in my comment and it’s you who failed to comprehend. The AHCA is no panacea and as flawed as the other approaches because the systemic problems are not solved but Obamacare did not solve those either it just perpetuated the status quo and supported corporate welfare.

The expansion of MedicAid was a smoke screen as it widened the pool while taken from its depth and stealing $200B from Medicare in the process. Those people have even less access to care than the smaller deeper pool had before Obamacare. Large family clinics can get only half their referrals seen by specialists and some have to wait months or years to be seen. I don’t even think Canadians wait 2 years to have a cataract removed. I can’t understand why we can give billions and billions of dollars in aid to countries, many of which hate us, to subsidize their buying weapons from US companies and then turn our backs on our own citizens. The billions we gave Iran, Pakistan and the West Bank Arabs last year alone would pay for a lot of healthcare. The money given to Iran was printed up specifically for that purpose.

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