For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

The sad truth is your grandfather should have been president instead of a second Bush. The world we live in would likely be much different and much better. Maybe your grandfather would not have rehabilitated the Clinton reputation (after he left the office in disgrace) and set the seeds for a corrupt Clinton foundation the way president Bush did.

As for Trump and immigrants you have swallowed the MSM nonsense. He is against ILLEGAL immigrants not immigrants. If he was against immigrants how is it he was/is married to them and had children with them. As for the wall that was started by Bill Clinton at least the first 325miles when he was in office. Trump’s illegal immigrant stance is no different than Bill’s was. Go look at Bill’s 1995 state of the union address. It’s the same but when Bill says it he is not a racist when Trump says it he is a racist. That is hypocrytical. Mexico has fenced off its border with Guatemala to keep out illegals and no one calls them racist for doing so. Granted Trump’s wording was innappropriate but he never said the fellow should not be a judge at all or be prevented from serving as a judge. The judge should have recused as he was on record paying for the tuition of illegals, allowed testimony unrelated to the case for future political purposes and is a member of La Razza. In my work I have recused myself to avoid possible bias a number of times. It’s not that hard to do and recusing oneself is just being honest it is not quitting your job or admitting you can’t do your job.

You say Obama damaged foreign relations, was detrimental to the country and Trump lacks temperament and wisdom. If that is the case how can you support Hillary who will double down on everything bad that Obama did, has a terrible temperament (just look at the way she abuses secret service agents and went after the women Bill abused) and lies in a ludicrous ratcheting fashion. First she had her own server and one device because it was more convenient. Then when it came out she had 13+ devices it was Powell told her. Then when it came out Powell didn’t tell her it was she was sick from a concussion and did know what she was doing. You really want a president like that with a monthly scandal. She committed obvious perjury, illegally deleted/destroyed government emails/documents, put lives at risk with incompetent handling of classified information and god knows what else. A naval officer just took some photos to show his future grandchildren and was sentenced to a year in jail despite asking for Hillary type clemency. So he should go to jail and she should become president. That should make you more mad than Trump running for office.

If you don’t like Trump don’t vote for him but voting for her is a travesty. Her policies are fraught with destruction and will result in more terrorist attacks, further destruction of the US healthcare system, more job loss etc. She thinks war is good for business. I guarantee your grandfather would not agree with that. Saying a 3rd option is not an option is a cop out. Do something to try and make it a viable option. If you think things are bad now just wait until 4 or more years of Hillary.

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