Clintonists Suddenly Claiming It’s Perfectly Normal to Do Oppo Research With Russians
Sonja Farnsworth

Wait a minute steele is a foreign national. I don’t see the logic in your argument. It’s one thing to meet with someone who says they have dirt on a political opponent but don’t deliver and totally another thing to pay someone to deliver the dirt and fabricate something (a dossier) that meets your requirements for the payment. This wasn’t just paying for opposition research. Furthermore it wasn’t steele who delivered the dossier to the FBI it was McCain i.e. after getting what they paid for the DNC/clinton campaign shopped the dossier around like a script leaking it to McCain, news outlets etc. hoping it would create the desired damage while keeping their hands clean. The dossier was used to justify FISA warrants for wiretaps that were previously denied. In the mean time they accused their opponents of doing what they were doing in the shadows. Then Comey presented the dossier to Trump in a Hooveresque scenario. Now the left nutjobs are doing a 180 on don jr’s meeting with natalya in order to push what killary’s people and the DNC did under the rug. Now that makes sense and caitlan is right on once more. Those who can’t see this or won’t accept it are suffering from 3rd stage TDS.