Men Who Try To Kill Me
Kiva Bay

Your story is heartbreaking but I don’t see the connection. How is domestic violance a pre-existing condition. If you have health insurance when this happens and you sustain an injury you are taken care of. If you don’t have health insurance and sustain an injury the emergency room can’t turn you away. If you are truly poor with or without Obamacare you have MedicAid. If you qualify for MedicAid but do not have it the hospital will help you get it. If you cannot return home you need a woman’s shelter and that has nothing to do with health insurance. At one point you imply that it is mental health that is pre-existing. That may be the case but that is separate from domestic violence and has been an insurance issue in this country for a long time even if it is not pre-existing. Your story does not connect the dots to your subtitle. Are you saying because of the GOP your exes mental health is a pre-existing condition that will not be treated and therefore he can hurt you again? That is the job of law enforcement and the courts not health insurance. If you are just using your horrible situation to support your political views that is truly sad! Other than that I do hope you keep writing because your writing style is very good. I can actually picture events as I read your descriptions. That is a talent that should be nurtured.