Academic related browser extensions : Browser extensions (Scite/Scholarcy)and improvements to Zotero

Aaron Tay
Aaron Tay
Jul 20 · 5 min read
Browser extensions that find OA/free to read copies of papers
6 Browser extensions that provide access to OA and subscribed versions (via institutional access)

1. scite browser plugin

Scite extension — look at the tiny scite popup on right
Scite details page

2. Scholarcy plugin — enhanced with scite

scite statistics in Scholarcy

3. Improved functions in Zotero — retraction watch, exploring open citations & improved pdf retrieval

Zotero warns you of a retracted paper
Zotero is unable to detect a retracted paper even though it is in retraction watch database due to lack of DOI


Aaron Tay

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Aaron Tay

A Librarian from Singapore Management University. Into social media, bibliometrics, library technology and above all libraries.

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