8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely NOT Ride Your Bike To Work

Aaron Tsuru
May 20, 2018 · 18 min read
I can smell the ass sweat already.

But… What these listicles and sweaty weirdos don’t tell you is that riding to work isn’t all lollipops and fairy kisses.

8 Reasons You Should Definitely NOT Ride Your Bike To Work

1. Mother Nature Is Not Your Friend

2. It’s Expensive

Ah, the innocent days.
How many bikes do you have in your fleet?

3. Mechanical Issues

Cue the sad piano music

4. You May Have To Carry Stuff (And It Can Get Heavy)

This is just for their lunch

5. You Sweat. You Stink.

6. I Rode To Work & Something Came Up

7. Humans… They Are Everywhere!

Ugh! Get out of my way, I’m trying to ride here!
We wait while medics help move someone who crashed on the bridge.

8. Crashes: The Bigger You Are…

Have I scared you away yet?

Aaron Tsuru

Written by

normalizing reality through art & occasionally writing about stuff. music: fairy eyelashes - pansexual enby: they/them https://www.patreon.com/tsuru

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