Four Stories about Storytelling

The Power of Stories

As a child I believed logical arguments were enough to convince anyone of anything. You just needed enough time to explain them in painstaking, rational detail, and others would listen and understand.

Helen Keller & The Hero’s Journey

Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan

The Kudzu & Disruption

Evolution is a fascinating thing to study. Understanding that species not only evolve against their environment, but how their environment co-evolves simultaneously against them, I find intriguing. Did the humming bird’s beak evolve & lengthen to get at a long-flowered plant’s nectar, or did some plant have the opportunity to evolve in length in order to keep pollinating-inefficient bees out, because a primordial humming-bird was there to provide a substitute?

  • Likely, it will be brutally selected against (i.e.: die)
  • Occasionally it will find a niche & join the careful co-evolution dance.
  • But sometimes… sometimes it DOMINATES the ecosystem and changes the waltz to a salsa.
There used to be something other than Kudzu here…

Babe Ruth & The Called Shot

The Bambino

David Copperfield & Framing the Theory

If I wanted to do something bold, something big, something impossible like making the Statue of Liberty disappear and televising it— what would have to happen for you to believe I did that? Well certainly:

  • Not only would the TV cameras show it had disappeared, but
  • They would film in long, un-cut arcs free of trickery,
  • A credible live crowd would testify live at the truth of the spectacle,
  • Search lights would pass right through where the statue used to stand,
  • Helicopters circling with cameras would confirm the dissapearce from multiple perspectives,
  • and even radar would confirm the loss of a giant metal structure.
Behold! She’s gone!

Go Forth & Story Tell

Never burden your audience- you should be so lucky to get the attention of someone smart, let alone someone masochistic enough to dig-in on something they don’t find exciting. If they are worth talking to, their attention is already valued at a premium, and they have plenty of options.



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