Sorry guys, but I’m still voting Trump.

I just can’t comfortably accept the idea of a man with such thin skin as Donald Trump has being President of the US…he can’t even take criticism from the goddamn media without losing his mind and launching a days long war through 140 Character bombardments…If he thinks the media is mean to him, what the hell is he going to do when he’s got to soak up the criticism that Presidents like Obama and Bush have had to endure? The man simply can’t…he’s not built for it.

And I don’t see Trump upsetting anything for the better. He’s gained from the system just the same as people like Hillary Clinton have, except he’s been on the other side of the table, donating money to get favors. I don’t see Trump being the type of person to shoot himself in the foot, financially, or politically, just to give voters something they want, when he himself hasn’t alluded to wanting to make that change.

Electing Trump to fix the system is like starting a fire in your house to get rid of spiders…it might technically work, but you’re probably just going to burn your house down.

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