Top 4 Varieties of Fruit Cakes

Cakes are the best possible dessert one can think of. Be it any happy occasion, it remains incomplete without cutting a cake. Cake is an integral part of celebration of anyone. One can celebrate anything by cutting a cake like birthdays, promotions, success parties, wedding anniversaries and even becoming new parents as well. If someone is staying away from their near and dear ones and want to send new baby cake to the new parents to celebrate their new achievement, they can order cake online, so that it gets delivered quickly.

There are many varieties and flavours of cakes that are available now. Easy recipes are also available in case one wants to make delicious cakes at home. But fruit cakes are one of the most traditional varieties which have come down a long way through centuries. There have been a lot of modifications from the classic fruit cake recipe like some are made of dry fruits, some with raw fruit slices and some with candy fruits as well. But, fruit cakes are always a delicacy which everyone loves to have.

The varieties of fruit cakes available now!

Let’s take a look at the innumerable options in fruit cakes, which one can have. They can order one or can even try to bake at home.

It is said that fruit cakes are mainly of two varieties. One is said to be the light fruit cake and the other one is the dark fruit cake. The primary things that are needed to bake a light fruit cake are raisins, almonds, granulated sugar, pineapples, apricots and corn syrup. Then there is the dark fruit cake, which is made from ingredients like dates, cherries, walnuts and brown sugars.

Boiled Fruit Cake: This as goes by the name tastes the best when it is served soft and hot. In this delicious fruit cake, red cherries and dates are used as the toppings. The batter of this cake should be made from flour, eggs and a lot of butter to bring the softness.

Jewelled Fruit Cake: The batter of this cake mix is made from sliced pineapples, maraschino, dates, peach and a very little amount of brandy. The brandy tastes a bit bitter, and it adds to the taste of the cake.

Jamaican Fruit cake: Those who love to have fruits; this cake is a perfect treat to their taste buds. This cake is made from red cherries, dates, walnuts and then the main ingredient used in the cake batter is the Jamaican white rum, which gives a very rich taste to the cake. One can also use good red wine if Jamaican white rum is not available.

Barm Brach: This is a peculiar fruit cake, which actually originated in Ireland. This is a rich cake, which is prepared full of dates and cherries. But this cake tastes best when it is served hot with a slice of butter on its top.

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