A few business lessons from the Mayweather Vs McGregor fight.

It was a slice of genius from both parties…

Mayweather’s undefeated boxing legacy was always going to be relatively safe.

Connor had no real expectations to live up to and both get cashed up like Kings.

Firstly, the money the fighters got paid shows the power of ‘personal brand’.

Neither would have made what they did without the other.

McGregor technically stepped into a new profession as a debutant and got paid $125 million dollars plus (I’ve seen reported).

(Which is probably 10X more than he has ever commanded from a fight in his MMA career).

Funnily, only a few years ago I remember McGregor getting paid just $60,000 for an MMA fight…

Which shows the impact a brand can have when it hits critical mass.

So what can you learn from this historical boxing match when it comes to your business:

1) Collaborate with other power brands for exponential growth.

2) Market — the more you entertain, the more attention you get — the more opportunities you create to sell tickets.

3) Back yourself — both fighters stood up to the pressure, doubts and haters.

4) Documentation — both used media documentation to build anticipation and create hype for the fight. This meant punters took a side and were invested in the result of the bout.

5) Be a master — both fighters have spent their lives dedicated to their crafts, achieving the ultimate in their respective fields to get in the position to cash in for a big pay day (and not the first for Mayweather).

I liken this to building a business empire from scratch and then cashing it in at its peak.

Were there any lessons you took away from the fight or build up?