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As many of you know, I love real estate. It’s my passion since I can remember. Many ask me what nurtured this passion, it was actually not the buildings it was the people. At a young age, I was sweeping warehouses as a summer job and learning the business, it was not always select homes with the story of lavish lifestyles. The man that owned the company I worked for invested in me. While I am not that old, I was taught differently than we typically have the opportunity to learn today, in the way of…

Do you chase? No I’m not talking about the bank.

I mean do you chase after things? Do you chase after a deal, the job promotion? Do you chase after the people you see on Instagram, coveting the flashy car or hundred dollar bills they have laid out on the bed. Do chase the things that distract you from doing the actual work?

Chasing in gambling is when you try to get back all your losses from the previous bet on your next bet. Are you doing that with your life? Doubling down this one last time for that big…

Last Thursday I posted a picture to Instagram for TBT (throw back Thursday). It was my senior picture from high school. Man, those were the days. It got me thinking about what have I learned since then and what would I change if I could start over from that day to now.

I have learned a lot in the 6,140 days since that photo. If I had to pick one lesson, it’s you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Would you be attracted to yourself in the mirror? Not just the physical things you can see…

The surveys and researchers place a range on the number of times we check our phone in a day from 45–85 times. I wanted to do my research. A week ago I counted how many times I looked at my phones. Yes, I carry two phones, not just one.

The ground rules were simple how many times did I look at my phones that were not to answer a call. My bill shows I average 2100 minutes of calls a month between both phones.

I looked at them 191 times. I was in shock. I knew it would be a…

Aaron Woodman

Global Human Connector. Travel Aficionado. Current goal: meeting #100peopleaday.

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