What To Do Instead of Calling the Police

A Guide, A Syllabus, A Conversation, A Process

Hello wonderful humans –

Thank you all for your interest in and support of this document and the conversations has nourished since 2016. I am so inspired by the thousands of people who have shared, read, and contributed to this in the spirit of building a world where we all know true safety in our communities.

In the interest of having a more stable and secure permanent home for this (still living) document, I have moved it to my website at this address: http://www.aaronxrose.com/blog/alternatives-to-police.

There you will see that I have updated the links and added additional context and best practices for taking action.

As always, I welcome input and feedback on this evolving resource so that it best serves as many people as possible. You can reach me at hello@aaronxrose.com.

In solidarity and love,

Aaron Rose