History in the modern age is recorded by statistics. Power comes to the people who analyze and predict the value of major players, and with that comes the race to develop models. This project is a solid first step into the world of financial analytics.

Sometimes simple questions need complex insights. This project brings one of the most popular tools in statistics into a financial context, while providing insight towards the potential of more in-depth analysis.

Personal Reflection: A Real Scenario, An Imaginary Client

Cue the intro.

In college, the hardest of science courses always started at general basics before narrowing down into complex concepts. Upon completing my degree, I gained the basics from online courses and CFA lectures, but going deeper into applying knowledge and seeing complex concepts was difficult without a syllabus. Reading financial news was not enough.

After camping out at…

Aaron Yen

Independent financial analyst with a background in Statistics and Neuroscience. Currently researching market sectors for prospective clients and firms

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